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The Libertarian Stance On Abortion: Pro-Life Or Pro-Choice? Synopsis: No other topic carries as much violent debate as the topic of abortion inside the libertarian community. While the majority of libertarians default to the pro-choice position, a growing contingent of right-leaning libertarians are pro-life (many from the Conservative side of the house and Republican defectors) and […]

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libertarian stance on antifa


The Libertarian Stance On ANTIFA: Hero Or Villian? Synopsis: The love of violent activity and opposition of fascism has lead to an increase in ANTIFA support inside libertarian circles. Many admire these masked men and women as rockstars in an attempt to end racism while others see them as largely domestic terrorists using violence to […]

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libertarian stance on borders and immigration

Borders And Immigration

The Libertarian Stance On Borders And Immigration: Pro-Wall Or Open Borders? Synopsis: Probably the second most popular argument inside the libertarian circles is the issue in regards to borders and illegal immigration. Many of the conservative-leaning “libertarians” (called “bordertarians”) often err on the side of Republicans and advocate for increased government intervention, increased spending, and […]

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libertarian stance on hate speech

Hate Speech

The Libertarian Stance On Hate Speech: Opinions vs. Feelings Synopsis: Over the recent years, the topic of hate speech has bubbled to the surface in many circles. To some, there is a belief that words should be policed and punishments to be levied against those who fail to comply with verbiage that reflects more politically […]

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libertarian stance on marijuana


Synopsis: As the topic of marijuana becomes more mainstream in modern culture, it comes as little surprise that government efforts to limit one’s access to the plant is becoming more and more cumbersome. Some states have decided to give the people what they want, while others work tirelessly to stop any advancement in allowing people […]

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libertarian stance on medicare for all

Medicare For All

Synopsis: Like a mating call for all those who support a big government and more deficit spending, Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare For All” plan has become a mantra for many who are seeking to have someone else pay for their healthcare costs instead realizing the following: Government involvement in healthcare has forced health care costs in […]

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libertarian stance on prostitution

Prostitution/ Sex Work

The Libertarian Stance On Prostitution: Let Them Eat Cake! Synopsis: Until recently, prostitution has been a topic that has gone ignored due to the social stigmas associated with it. In recent years the conversation regarding victimless crimes like these has become more commonplace, especially since the shut down of sites like Backpage and others in an attempt by […]

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libertarian stance on unions


The Libertarian Stance On Abortion: Pro-Union Or Pro-Right To Work? Synopsis: Since their creation, unions have provided many changes and advancements in the way workers are treated, the conditions in which they work, and the benefits businesses provide to the employee. The libertarian stance on unions is often to called into question by both supporters […]

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libertarian stance on white nationalism

White Nationalism

The Libertarian Stance On White Nationalism: It Isn’t What You Think? Synopsis: The rise of white nationalism and the media over exaggeration of the power these groups actually have has led there to be massive amounts of disinformation in regards to where members in the liberty movement stand with this topic and if the liberty […]

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libertarian stance on healthcare


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