The Libertarian Stance On ANTIFA: Hero Or Villian?


The love of violent activity and opposition of fascism has lead to an increase in ANTIFA support inside libertarian circles. Many admire these masked men and women as rockstars in an attempt to end racism while others see them as largely domestic terrorists using violence to silence the opposition.

While ANTIFA has been dumbed down by many as “…we just are anti-fascist… nothing more…”, this is far from the actuality. Members inside the libertarian community who champion ANTIFA violence in response to opinions that are different than their’s dismiss the ties ANTIFA has to the Communist Party as their paramilitary arm as “no big deal”.

Libertarian Pary Position:

Officially, the Libertarian Party has made no statement condoning or condemning ANTIFA as a whole; however, many in Libertarian Party leadership at both national and state level have been either actively involved in ANTIFA activities or have been in support of their use of violence against dissenting opinions.

These stances are in direct opposition to the requirement of pledging at time of membership into the Libertarian Party:

To validate my membership, I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.

The Libertarian Stance:

The libertarian stance regarding ANTIFA is equal to that of white nationalist/Neo-Nazi members in that every person is entitled to their right of expression and opinion, regardless of individual agreement to those ideas. Also, libertarians are opposed to any use of violence against others of dissenting opinions and choose to battle ideas with rational discourse instead of emotional reactions of violence from any side.

Furthermore, libertarians believe that each person has the right to freedom of association and the freedom from association without coercive force by either government or mob involvement. Liberty requires acceptance of another’s right, not the approval of the subjective position in question.

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