Medicare For All


Like a mating call for all those who support a big government and more deficit spending, Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare For All” plan has become a mantra for many who are seeking to have someone else pay for their healthcare costs instead realizing the following:

Government involvement in healthcare has forced health care costs in the United States to increase drastically over the past two decades, causing health care costs and private insurance to dramatically inflate.

While many see Medicare as a fix-all for “affordable” coverage, this is far from accurate. Because of how poorly Medicare covers people, private insurance companies make millions in Medicare supplement plans to help cover the additional costs involved in having Medicare.

Not only does Medicare Part A and Part B both have deductibles and has no pharmacy coverage, there is no maximum out of pocket for the Part B 80/20 coinsurance which leaves the responsible for 20% of all Medicare Part B costs ad infinitum.

On top of Medicare being horrible coverage for the individual at an increased tax rate to cover everyone, Medicare’s fee for service model lends itself to more fraudulent activities, more expensive out of pocket costs, low payment for doctors, and decreased quality interactions.

Emotions, not economic logic, fuel the Medicare For All conversation and the calls for using force to coerce compliance of socialist ideas are being echoed inside not only communities of the left, but in small segments of the libertarian circles.

Libertarian Party Position:

At the time of this writing, there is no official stance regarding this topic.

The Libertarian Stance:

Support for Medicare For All is antithetical to liberty and should be avoided at all costs.

The libertarian stance on Medicare For All is that of full opposition in that creates a non-voluntary arrangement that requires government violence to be used against the people to force others to comply. In addition, Medicare is funded by force and libertarians oppose forced taxation of the people.

If this is a service that people value, a libertarian would advocate that supporters form their own voluntary cooperative to help share the costs among themselves without using violence to force others to comply with their idea.

The libertarian stance is overwhelmingly opposed to this idea on many levels:

Increased individual taxes– In general, libertarians oppose theft from others to fund anything “for the greater good”. If people find Medicare a viable option for their healthcare, then they are free to pay for this coverage out of their pocket; however, using government violence to force others to pay for something they do not want is a violation of one’s right self-ownership.

Increased business taxes– Just as an increased tax on the individual is theft, increasing taxes on businesses and corporations increases inflation in the economy. It is important to remember that no business or corporation pays taxes, instead, they pass the increase on to the consumer in the form of inflated prices for goods and services. This situation creates almost a “double taxation” situation for the individual.

Increased government intrusion in healthcare– The libertarian philosophy of limited government does not allow for government intervention in the matters of your own personal healthcare. All matters and choices regarding one’s own health care, including payment of services, rests solely on the shoulders of the individual and their provider. Medicare can also access your personal medical information, violating your right to privacy.

Economically– The Medicare For All plan increases the federal deficit spending to almost twice what it is now over 10 years. Given the fact that neither Republicans or Democrats place any value on fiscal responsibility, it is safe to assume that implementing this plan will become like the defense budget with no real oversight or accountability.

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